Gift Ideas for Hairdressers

Hair Stylist

Do you visit the same hair stylist every time? Perhaps you’ve seen them your whole life? A hearty tip around the holiday season isn’t enough! You should be getting them a great gift! Here is a list of gift idea’s for hair cutters, colorists, and stylists.

Fossil Women's ES2827 

Stella Blue Dial Watch

Fossil Women’s Blue Dial Watch

Any colorist lives and dies by the clock. Timing hair products is a crucial part of their job. So what’s a better gift than a cute dependable watch? This watch is not only stylish, it features a metallic strap that is easily washable. You’ll want to avoid leather and cloth straps as the hair color might stain it.

Scissor Earrings

Scissor Earrings

These earrings are both affordable and super appropriate! Scissor earings would make a great gift for any hair cutter. The small package is a great casual gift or stocking stuffer.

Beads “Scissors, tailors, and Hairdressers” Pandora Charm

Ok, I’ll admit, I don’t know much about hairdressing. But, my girlfriend is actually a hair colorist, and I know she likes stuff like this. These beads will fit on any existing piece of jewelry. They are stylish, and very well made.

Hairdresser Apron - 

Coiffure Cutters Multi-Pocketed Faux Jeweled Apparel

Hairdresser Apron

Speaking of my hairdresser girlfriend, this is one I should get for her. She desperately need a cute apron, because otherwise, she refuses to wear one! If we had a dollar for every blouse ruined by hair color. Well, we could buy her a whole new outfit!

Mark My Words Hair Stylist 

Mug, 4-3/4-Inch, 17-Ounce Capacity

Mark My Words Hair Stylist Mug

This beautiful coffee mug features a lovely quote that any hair stylist is sure to appreciate. “Hair Stylists bring out the beauty in everyone.” Isn’t that nice! It also has a beautiful floral pattern and deep purple coloring.

Comb And Scissors Decal 

Hairdresser Beautician Barber

Comb And Scissors Decal Hairdresser

This decal had a comb and scissor combo and looks great on the back window of any automobile! Lookout, hairdresser coming through! This is another small gift that is perfectly casual and sure to be appreciated.

I'll Cut You Black Decal 

Hair Stylist Hairdresser Blowdryer Sticker

I’ll Cut You Decal

Here is a gift for the sassy hair stylist! This “I’ll Cut You” sticker speaks for itself and it fits perfectly on a hair drier! This gift has a touch of humor with a touch of love.

Sheer Genius 

Hairdresser Travel Mug by Spoontiques

Sheer Genius Travel Mug

Here is another coffee mug, this one is car friendly and reads “Shear Genius.” This mug is insulated so it will keep hot drinks warm. Or, it can also keep cool drinks cold! Who says this is coffee!

Hair Stylist Business 

Card Holder

Hair Stylist Business Card Holder

Here is a great gift for a hairstylists with their own station in a co-op salon. This clever business card holder is a sculpture of a hairstylist at work. This gift is both charming and very functional.


Sign stylist beauty salon gift novelty street sign

“HAIR DRESSER” Street Sign

This is another great gift to help decorate a hairstylist’s station. This street style sign is sure to draw a few smiles. Be it for a station, home, or maybe break room this sign looks great anywhere.


~Novelty Sign~ parking salon dresser gift

Hair Stylist Parking Only Sign

Here’s another sign that can either draw a few smiles, or be used for function. This “Hair Stylist Parking Only – Violators Will Be Permed” is cute and will certainly give a few laughs. Its 12″ by 8″ and made of durable outdoor plastic.

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